Critical Minerals with Potential in Wyoming

In Wyoming, several of the critical minerals on the DOI’s current list are considered to have moderate to high potential for economic development, including the rare earth elements, platinum group elements, and vanadium. A few critical minerals, including titanium and graphite, are known to occur in elevated but not necessarily economically viable concentrations. Minerals containing many other elements on the list are also known to occur in at least trace quantities across the state, but not in sufficient quantities to mine. More information about the geology of the critical minerals with highest potential in Wyoming can be accessed from the “Critical Minerals” dropdown bar at the top of the page. Visit the section on Other Critical Minerals to learn more about the other critical minerals in the State. 

Helium and uranium are no longer on the current critical minerals list, but are also considered high potential elements and play an important role in Wyoming’s economy. For more information, visit our page on uranium.


Patty Webber,