Wyoming Gypsum

Gypsum is mined at three locations in Wyoming. Mountain Cement mines small amounts of gypsum near Laramie for use as a retardant in cement. Two plants in the Bighorn Basin of northwest Wyoming mine gypsum and process it into wallboard at nearby plants. The gypsum wallboard plants in Wyoming, the Georgia-Pacific Himes gypsum mill, and the Certain Teed Gypsum & Ceiling Manufacturing, Inc. gypsum mill in Cody have operated at capacity since 1995. Construction booms in the Wyoming market areas of the Colorado Front Range, Utah Wasatch Front, and Pacific Northwest have increased the demand for construction materials, including wallboard. Wyoming has large gypsum resources capable of supporting additional production.

gypsum plant
Former gypsum plant in Cody, Wyoming. [Credit: R.E. Harris]


Patty Webber, patty.webber@wyo.gov