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Data Disclaimer

Users of this map are cautioned against using the data at scales different from those at which the map was compiled. Using these data at a larger scale will not provide greater accuracy and is a misuse of the data. The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) and State of Wyoming make no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the use, accuracy, or completeness of the data presented herein, or of a map printed from these data. The act of distribution shall not constitute such a warranty. The WSGS does not guarantee the digital data or any map printed from the data to be free of errors or inaccuracies. The WSGS and State of Wyoming disclaim any responsibility or liability for interpretations made from, or any decisions based on, the digital data or printed map. The WSGS and State of Wyoming retain and do not waive sovereign immunity. The use of or reference to trademarks, trade names, or other product or company names in this publication is for descriptive or informational purposes only, or is pursuant to licensing agreements between the WSGS or State of Wyoming and software or hardware developers/vendors, and does not imply endorsement of those products by the WSGS or State of Wyoming.

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